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Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
Nicola Speechley (Sheffield, GB)

Would be helpful to have brewing instructions on packet rather than needing to look on website, as first cup just with boiled water was weak. 2nd cup after 5 mins in pan to boil was totally different.

Hello Nicola,
Thank you for your lovely review!
Thank you also for your feedback on the label. Unfortunately there isn't space for the instructions to prepare the chai in the pan on the small packs that we have (though it is on our 200g packs as there's more room), so we need to direct people online. We have tried different ways to make it work but haven't been able to squeeze it in.
We're so glad that you love the chai itself though! It's definitely our baby so we love praise!
Have a lovely day 🙂

Fantastic, best chai ever

I've never had such a great chai before, I couldn't recommend it more!

Hi Ben,
Thank you for the amazing review! So glad you like it 🙂 Sounds like you have it covered but let us know if you need anything else or any chai tips!

Don't accept anything less

This is now the new standard in our house and it feels we've only just started with exploring the Batch range. OK, we still have Yorkshire for the first cup of the day but anything else needs more and Batch delivers.

Kagoshima Superior Sencha Green Tea
David Broomhead (Birmingham, GB)
Fantastic tea and a great price!

Really enjoyed this one.

Mao Jian
Liz Worrall (Sheffield, GB)
Tasty green tea

Nicely packaged and arrived quickly. Using a pinch of the leaves per person and it tastes really good.

Instant Pu'er
Anonymous (Manchester, GB)
Instant puerh awesome

Really nice and easy. I love ripe puerh and love having the leaves and pots but sometimes you just wanna have a quick brew with no hassle. These are perfect. I like a strong brew so im likely to use 2 in a whole mugfull but well worth the price!!

Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
D.S. (Paddington, GB)
Yule Chai

Received a little package as a present and the brew was deliciously fragrant and subtle. Will be coming back for more and may even try some high pouring jug to jug tricks!

Great for gongfu at work

Now we are back in the office I was looking for a way to brew tea gongfu style at work without looking like a complete bellend by cracking out a gaiwan and cha hai. This type of teapot seemed ideal, but most of the ones on the market have a plastic inner chamber (which combined with being made in China I just don't really trust around boiling water). This was literally the ideal solution to that and seemingly the only one with a glass inner chamber. It works very well, is simple and elegant. Only slight downside is cleaning, as I haven't found a good way to properly clean the inner chamber in particular (given the mesh screen can't be removed) without just sticking it in the dishwasher.

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for the great review. You're a man after our own hearts. Nobody wants to be the tea wanker at work so yes, this teapot rocks it.
We're firm believers that this is the best Piao Yi teapot you'll find in the UK so you chose well! Because of the design of Piao Yi teapots, you'll never find one that you can take apart to clean below the mesh - certainly we haven't come across one - but we just rinse it through with washing up liquid and water. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all washing up liquid is gone and leave to dry.
We wouldn't really recommend putting this in the dishwasher as, although it's borosilicate glass, dishwashers can be bumpy places and we wouldn't want you the find the infuser basket broken one day. It's not as tough as a heavy duty drinking glass, for instance, so we'd recommend just washing it through in the sink. As long as you don't let anyone prep their dirty staining lingering coffee (joke) with your teapot you'll find this is enough to clean it and avoid nasties building up in there.
Thanks again for the ace review. We're glad you're loving it. Let us know if you need any more equally awesome tea to prepare in it 🙂

Afternoon Delight Tea Gift Set
Damian Gough (Kincumber, AU)
Ordered from Australia

Excellent to be able to help one Sheffield by supporting another. Thanks for delivering to my friends at LR Podiatry.
Great service.

Samadoyo Glass Mug with Infuser Basket & Bamboo Lid
Graeme Andrews (Frankfurt am Main, DE)

Very fast delivery of a high quality item

Batch Earl
Rosemary M (Doncaster, GB)
Such a great tea

I have always refused the perfumed Earl Grey that seems to be standard elsewhere but when Batch Tea treated me to a sample with my order I tried it hesitantly…..but I have just bought more because the flavour is multilayered and amazing….Even for a non Earl Grey drinker….I have been converted. Love it (but I would turn down any other brand !!)

Java Black Tea
CB (Hampton, GB)
Java Black Tea

Agree with your description of this being a gentle tea. It has a very special character of its own and is absolutely lovely.

Lapsang Souchong (Traditionally Smoked)
Dominic Watts (Chichester, GB)
Superb tea

Every tea I've had from batch has a subtle but noticeable difference from others making a tremendously superior brew

Batch Breakfast
CB (Hampton, GB)
Batch Breakfast & Assam with accessories

Really loving these teas along with smart new strainer and caddy. Adds a whole new dimension to breakfast time. A great company to deal with too.

Batch Blends Gift Set
Andrew B. (Stockport, GB)
Three great-tasting blends

I bought this largely because my wife enjoys Chai and Earl Grey, but I have been pleasantly surprised to enjoy sharing both with her. The spicing in the Sticky Chai is really nicely balanced and it is sweet without being at all cloying. The Batch guide on ways to make it were also really helpful. The Earl Grey is relatively subtle compared to the big, slightly offputting perfume hit I sometimes get from this style. The breakfast blend has a pleasing strength to it, and milk brings out its comforting maltiness. The tea was also very nicely packaged - this would make a great gift for someone who likes British-style tea but doesn't realise how much better loose leaf can be.

Batch Breakfast
Rosemary M (Doncaster, GB)
This is amazing tea

Ok, so I give in! Since buying Batch Breakfast I have continued to occasionally chuck in a bag of Yorkshire Tea for a quick handy cuppa. Previously my favourite tea, Yorkshire has finally just been relegated to occasions when the man of the house makes a brew and he is only capable of a bag in a mug (I will work on him!). Batch Breakfast has depth and no bitterness, strength but without tasting stewed, and refreshing right to the last sip. The Batch Team have another convert! Another order is brewing.

Darjeeling 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1
Rosemary M (Doncaster, GB)

I have always been a Yorkshire Tea Bag girl. Boringly saying 'I know what I like, a nice strong cuppa!' But since meeting Batch Tea, things have shifted. I have found tea with multiple layers of flavour that pack a punch without ever tasting strong or over-brewed. And this 2nd Flush Darjeeling is very special. Totally uplifting like a good cuppa should be, but also offering refreshing flavour right to the final sip. I have mine without milk - pure amber loveliness (I sound like Nigella! - but honestly it's true!).

Hi Rosemary,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!

We're so glad that you like our teas. As we may have told you, this Darjeeling is my favourite. I love the description 'pure amber'. Perfect summary.

Thanks again and we look forward to wowing you with more of our range soon!


Batch Earl
Paul Collins (Rotherham, GB)
More delicious tea from Batch!

I'm a big fan of Batch and their excellent loose leaf tea. Having already sampled the delights of their lovely breakfast blend and outstanding darjeeling 2nd flush, I'm pleased to say that their Earl Grey is delicate and comforting, a perfect afternoon brew. Top marks!

Hi Paul,
Thanks so much for your lovely review! We're so glad you love (all) our teas so much! It's such a pleasure to introduce you to a wider spectrum of the teas out there. It's kinda why we do what we do, so thank you.
Have a great day!


Recently purchased a Samadoyo teapot and breakfast tea. Really impressed by the quality of the products and the breakfast tea is lovely. Will be purchasing it again and recommending this company to everyone I know.

Hi Will,
Thanks so much for your review. I'm glad you liked the teapot and the tea so much. I got a bit excited when I was telling you about it so am glad it lived up to the hype! 🙂
Have a great day.

Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
James Jenkinson (Sunderland, GB)
Awesome Chai Tea

Great flavour Chai tea.
The best I’ve had.
I will be ordering more of this soon.
Fast delivery and great service from Batch Tea Co.

Hey James,
Thanks so much for your great review.
Kama Sutra Sticky Chai is kind of our baby, and we spent a long time getting the recipe just right, and a lot of love goes in to hand-crafting each batch, so your words mean so much.
Thanks again.
Have a lovely day.

Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
Rebecca Talbot (Brighton, GB)
Yummy chai

Quick processing of order
Delicious tea

Darjeeling 1st Flush
Michael Riley (Doncaster, GB)
Batch Tea

Great tea! Great service!

2015 Da Hong Pao Rock Oolong
Austin Russell (London, GB)
A great tasting tea

Really lovely sweet complex aromas

Hi Austin,

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We're big fans of this tea ourselves so really glad you've enjoyed it. Have a lovely day!

Batch Breakfast
Paul Collins (Manchester, GB)

In a word "wow". My morning has been improved immeasurably with a cup of this lovely tea, which was hand delivered. Whilst we're stuck in the interminable grind of lockdown mk3, it's small things like this which bring most joy. Thanks!

Kama Sutra Sticky Chai
lynn cross (Elgin, GB)

I am fairly new to drinking Tea, I've been shopping around looking for the perfect Sticky Chai, this is it!!

Hi Lynn,

Thank you so much for your kind review! We put a lot of love into each batch of Kama Sutra Sticky Chai so your words mean a lot. We're glad you like it so much! Have a lovely day and we hope to hear from you soon!

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