Absolute Assam


Weight: 50g / 100g

Type: Black Tea

Where: Hathikuli Estate, Assam, India

Elevation: 600m

Liquor: Deep amber / caramel

Aroma: Malty, sweet berry fruits

Flavour profile: Classic Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe malty, fruity with raspberry and plum & slightly floral.

Mouthfeel: Slightly dry



100% pure single origin Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe (FBOP) from the organic (and incredibly beautiful) Hathikuli Estate in the mountains of Assam, India.

Malty yet fruity with raspberry and plum and a rich smoothness that is second to none.

The word Hathikuli is derived from the Assamese words “Hathi” (elephant) and “Kuli” (Frequent) which translates into a place that is frequently visited by elephants. The estate is nestled alongside the Kaziranga National Park world heritage site.


Enjoy with or without milk, sugar or lemon. After all, the best way to drink tea is the way you like best!

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Customer Reviews

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Sarah (Sheffield, GB)
Great tea!

Fabulous quality and great service.

Hey Sarah,
Thank you so much for your great review. We hope you're enjoying your Absolute Assam. We look forward to restocking you when you get through it all!

Add 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (that’s around 2.5 - 3 grams) and pour on 100°C water straight off the boil.

Infuse the tea for 2 - 3 minutes and enjoy.

Re-infuse 1 - 2 times.

Don’t forget, you can adjust any of the measurements to suit your style!

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