High Mountain Cloud Mist Green Tea (Gao Shan Yun Wu)

Natural Production Gao Shan Yun Wu (High Mountain Cloud Mist)

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK – Please see our Great Taste Award Winning Mao Feng Green Tea from the same outstanding producer as this tea.

Gao Shan Yun Wu means “High Mountain Cloud & Mist” and refers to teas grown in areas shrouded in mist for much of the year – a wonderful environment for tea!

This tea is grown by our friend Cheng in the remote hills of Northern Guizhou Province, South West China. No fertilizer or pesticides have been used on this land since 2017, resulting in a clean, natural tea with the highest sustainability credentials.

Mellow, full bodied and sweet with notes of sweet green vegetables and gentle nuttiness, this is a beautiful green tea that is really refreshing.


Full leaf with many buds from the season’s first pick, the leaves are rolled and curled. The wet leaves reveal small bite marks showing insect activity and demonstrating the tea’s natural farming, without pesticides. These tiny bite marks cause a little oxidation around the marks, resulting in an added sweetness to the tea.

With this tea, it’s even difficult to mess it up! That being said, we recommend brewing at 80°c to get the most out of this excellent tea, but slightly higher and for longer brews will bring a stronger, more intense brew, still without bitterness.



Weight: 50g

Type: Green Tea

Where: Longqiao Village, Northern Guizhou Province

Elevation: 1,200m

Liquor: Apple white / green

Aroma: Sweet green vegetables, straw

Flavour profile: Mellow & refreshing, sweet asparagus & slightly nutty

Mouthfeel: Full


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Customer Reviews

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Delicious teas

Have tried a number of different Batch teas now after initially receiving some as a present from my mother-in-law and they are all delicious. I am normally more of a tea-bag drinker but these loose leaf teas are so lovely they have enticed me over! Friends who I have gifted them too have said the same. Highly recommend.

Map of China with Guizhou Province and Longqiao Village marked

Add 1 heaped teaspoons per 150ml cup (that’s around 2.5 grams) and pour on 80°C water (that's about 3-4 minutes off the boil or until you can put a finger on the side of the kettle for about 2 seconds). Discover our Tea Hack for how to get your water to 80°C.

Infuse the tea for around a minute and enjoy. If the flavour isn't quite strong enough for you after a minute, pop the leaves back in til it is to your taste!

Re-infuse 2 - 3 times.

Don’t forget, you can adjust any of the measurements to suit your style!

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