Mao Jian

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Weight: 30g

Type: Green tea

Where: Longqiao Village, Northern Guizhou Province

Type: Green Tea

Elevation: 1,200m

Liquor: Light jade

Aroma: Creamy spinach, seaweed, wet straw

Flavour profile: Buttered young spinach & wet straw

Mouthfeel: Unctuous


Mao Jian Premium Single Origin Green Tea


Deep in the mountains of remote Northern Guizhou Province is an area where small tea producers enjoy an environment unspoilt by industry. Amongst the steep mountainsides and forest lie tea plantations producing exceptional teas.

Our Mao Jian is one of those.

Clean, buttery and insanely smooth, aromas of fresh young spinach and wet straw follow through into and a mild yet full, serene green tea of the highest order.

Like its name – Jade Tips – suggests the liquor is light jade in colour, and this provides a clue to what lies beneath.

Not a hint of bitterness to be found, even if drastically over-brewed, the full, smooth mouthfeel lingers with vegetation and fresh hay.

Light and refreshing, we know that you will adore this tea just like we do.


SALE – we have a few bags left of this great tea but, it being such a fine tea, it is now losing its original shimmer &

It’s still better than most green teas out there but we can’t justify (to ourselves) continuing to sell at it’s full price.

So enjoy this lovely tea at a bargain price!

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Customer Reviews

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Liz Worrall (Sheffield, GB)
Tasty green tea

Nicely packaged and arrived quickly. Using a pinch of the leaves per person and it tastes really good.

How to brew Mao Jian Green Tea

Add 2 heaped teaspoons per cup (that’s around 3-4 grams) and pour on 80°C water (that's about 3-4 minutes off the boil or until you can put a finger on the side of the kettle for about 2 seconds).

We recommend washing through this tea - that means pouring water through the leaves or discarding your first brew after a few seconds of infusing time. This will help stop the tea from becoming cloudy. Don't worry if you forget or don't have time though; you'll still get the same great flavour.

Infuse the tea for 2-3 minutes and enjoy.

This tea is delicate but very forgiving. infusing for longer will still produce a very smooth tea, however, using water which is too hot on a green tea can make it bitter.

Re-infuse 2 - 3 times.

Don’t forget, you can adjust any of the measurements to suit your style!

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