We love Street Art. We’re lucky enough to be from and live in Sheffield, which we believe has one of the best street art scenes around. The last 10-15 years have seen a surge in the quantity, and quality, of works of street art, through such acclaimed artists as Phlegm – who’s April 2019 exhibition “Mausoleum of the Giants” in Sheffield attracted over 12,000 visitors in just a couple of weeks – Jo Peel, Kid Acne and Faunagraphic, to name but a few.

We love street art because it takes art out of the home and into the public domain, to be enjoyed by all. Street art really is art for everyone. In total contrast to the graffiti tags of old, the artworks of the modern street artist enrich the urban landscape, telling the story of a city through its walls.

So where does tea come into this?

Well, we’re proud to be from Sheffield, a city who’s landscape has changed considerably over the years, since I was born here in 1980 – Thatcher’s Britain ripping the heart out of the city, crushing the financial impetus of the place but stirring something in the people. Something deeper that has led to Sheffield being the phenomenal place it is today. Ever wonder why people come to Uni here and never leave? It’s because there’s something in the air here. Something special.

The street art around Sheffield reflects Sheffield’s soul, it’s history and heritage and we’re a part of that. We feel that in our bones.


Tea & Art Goes Deeper

But there are deeper ties for us between tea & art. Tea and art both have meditative effects. Tea can inspire art, help artists discover a sense of peace and focus, or conversely, a caffeine hit to keep them going (see our piece on Tea & Yoga).

Tea has a rich cultural heritage, thousands of years old. Heritage that is sacred in parts of the world such as China, India, Korea and Japan.

Tea artisans are just that – artisans. The clue’s in the name.


Carefully, mindfully crafting the perfect tea – flavour, aroma, mouthfeel, the hui-gan, the emotional impact, everything – isn’t something that just happens. True specialists pour love, skill, culture, heritage, their very soul into making the perfect tea, to be enjoyed by the people. Not to be kept behind closed doors or drunk alone. To be enjoyed together.

Tea is something to enjoy with friends, family, to meet new people and create new ties. Tea is for everyone. Like street art.

We believe in Tea for the People, and that’s what we want to engender. British culture places tea at its heart, in a very special place, but in a way that is changing and evolving.

From haughty Victorian afternoon tea to a mug of builders, to a warming spicy sticky chai latte, tea culture is evolving over time in the UK and globally.


We believe it’s tea’s time to rule again. Like the offensive graffiti tags of the 80s and 90s are gone, so bad tea can be. It’s now the age of street art, by true artists. And great tea, by great artisans. Tea for the People.


To add a bit of colour for you, find a small selection of some of the street art around Sheffield here.


Peace x

Hello Tea Lovers!

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Marc & Owen

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