Darjeeling 2nd Flush SFTGFOP1

2nd Flush Darjeeling SFTGFOP1


We’re pleased that this outstanding tea has been awarded a Great Taste Award in 2021.


Darjeeling tea is widely considered the “Champagne of Teas” and this 2nd Flush lives up to the name. SFTGFOP1 is the highest grade in the Indian tea grading system, meaning that this really is amongst the finest you will find.

Light, fruity & sweet with classic Darjeeling muscatel grape.

We can’t even describe how good this tea is! You’ll be sorry if you don’t try it!

Our mission in a single tea

Our mission is to make some of the finest teas out there affordable and accessible to new tea drinkers, or those looking further afield than the “usual”.

To do this we use our networks in tea producing companies to find hidden gems from sustainable farms at great prices and ship direct. We have done this with this ludicrously good tea. We could easily (and probably should!) charge a lot more for this tea but we were able to source it for an exceptional price and we want to pass this on to you, so that you may enjoy it and continue your tea journey with us.



Weight: 50g / 100g

Type: Black Tea

Where: Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

Elevation: 1,375m

Liquor: Honey

Aroma: Honey, fruity, grape

Flavour profile: Light, mellow & refreshing, sweet honey, muscatel and nuttiness

Certifications: UTZ, Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rosemary M (Doncaster, GB)

I have always been a Yorkshire Tea Bag girl. Boringly saying 'I know what I like, a nice strong cuppa!' But since meeting Batch Tea, things have shifted. I have found tea with multiple layers of flavour that pack a punch without ever tasting strong or over-brewed. And this 2nd Flush Darjeeling is very special. Totally uplifting like a good cuppa should be, but also offering refreshing flavour right to the final sip. I have mine without milk - pure amber loveliness (I sound like Nigella! - but honestly it's true!).

Hi Rosemary,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!

We're so glad that you like our teas. As we may have told you, this Darjeeling is my favourite. I love the description 'pure amber'. Perfect summary.

Thanks again and we look forward to wowing you with more of our range soon!


John Erskine (Gloucester, GB)

I don't think I've ever been so struck by the flavour and quality of a tea before. This is superb.

Hello John,

Thank you so much for your wonderful review. We agree wholeheartedly with your thoughts on this beautiful tea so you've tickled us pink with your words. Have a lovely day.

Adele (Sheffield, GB)

This Darjeeling oozes quality and is one of the nicest blends I’ve tasted. I could quite happily drink this blend all day. Sublime ☺️

Map of India with West Bengal and Darjeeling highlighted

Add 1 heaped teaspoon per cup (that’s around 3 grams) and pour on boiling water. Just beautiful from a fine bone china cup!

Infuse the tea for around 3 minutes and enjoy. If the flavour isn't quite strong enough for you, pop the leaves back in til it is to your taste!

Don’t forget, you can adjust any of the measurements to suit your style!

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