We’re trying to be the most sustainable tea business we can be

We’re very strong believers that our enjoyment of tea or, well anything, shouldn’t cost the earth.


Our business is based on a passion for tea, the rich culture & history behind it and the many people who have poured their hearts and souls into creating something magical for us to enjoy.

It is this that we wish to share. We believe that the craftsmen and women who exist to create such beauty, do so with an understanding of the eco-system they’re a part of, and that there is no take without giving something back. There is a respect for nature, Earth, the environment, and through harmony great tea will be produced.

Artisan produce is not about the cheapest option, it’s about a passion for something that you love. We consider ourselves an artisan tea company.

We’ll be up front, as we always are, in letting you know that we aren’t where we want to be in terms of sustainability, but we are working to become the most sustainable business that we can be.

To us, this falls under 3 main categories:

Sustainable Tea ❃ Sustainable Packaging ❃ Honest, Sustainable Relationships

Sustainable Tea

We source many of our teas directly from artisan tea makers whom we know and have met and, often, have had the joy of visiting on their estates. Whilst these producers might not have organic or Fairtrade certifications, it certainly doesn’t mean they don’t operate at – or generally well above – these conditions.

Indeed, many of our teas have been grown with no fertilisers or pesticide use at all, whilst others, from larger estates may have one or the other.

Many of our single origin teas are sourced from family run operations or co-operatives, where there is a large focus on welfare and looking on the environment. Far higher than a (relatively expensive) certificate can prove.

Where our teas are not sourced directly from the producer, we source from companies who we know to trade ethically, either because they source only through Ethical Tea Partnership suppliers, or because we’ve meticulously studied their sustainability practices, researched their supplying estates and have satisfied ourselves that they live up to our high ethical standards. 

Organic Certification
We’re not currently Organic Certified, which means that we can’t list our products as Organic, even when they are organically produced, which many are. Many others are actually Natural production or organic production from artisan producers who can’t afford the large cost of certification.

But, certificate or no certificate, we source teas only from farms that we know, and whom we know respect the environment and their workforce, or through Ethical Tea Partnership or Fairtrade certified producers.

So, you know that the tea you’re drinking isn’t just good for you, but good for the earth and the people who created it.

This also extends to our teawares & Accessories offering. We source from outstanding companies who produce glass items of the highest quality, and we choose products with minimal or no plastic. Our tea filters are from sustainably managed plantations and produced by what we believe to be the best manufacturer of these products around.

Our mugs and other merchandise are hand printed by local social enterprise Printed By us, who help people from sleeping bag to fulfilling lives by teaching skills to build confidence, trust and help the person back into meaningful work that pays a living wage. Learn more about Printed By us here.

Photograph of Batch Tea sustainable tea packaging

Sustainable Packaging

We put a strong focus on packaging. We want your tea buying to be an experience from order to enjoying. So, we invest a lot of time and resource into designing eye-catching labels, inspired by the craft-beer movement, that we hope tell you a little bit about us.

Our current packaging is composed of fully recyclable or biodegradable material – paper with aluminium foil inner, lined with a thin foil of biodegradable plastic to ensure freshness of your tea – but it isn’t recyclable kerbside.

Like many drinks cartons, it should be recyclable at a Mixed Materials recycling centre.

We’re working to bring you 100% kerbside recyclable / home compostable packaging and, whilst we’re not quite there yet, we will be soon. Essentially, the quicker we get through our existing packaging supply, the quicker we move to the most sustainable solution possible (outside of zero packaging. Naked Tea? Now there’s an idea!)

Honest & Sustainable Relationships

We believe that being a sustainable business isn’t just about environmentally friendly practices and working conditions, but also about honesty, outlook and behaviour.

We like to think of ourselves as about as honest a company as you can get. This means we put everything into our products and our customer service to ensure that you have the best tea experience possible, from your first interaction with us to the last sip of your tea.

You won’t get any bullshit from us, just honest advice to help you along your tea journey, whether you’re a complete newbie, you’re looking for a gift for a tea lover, or you’re a connoisseur looking for something new and exciting you might not have come across before.

And if we don’t sell it but we know someone who does, we’ll send you their way to get the tea that you want. Because if you’re drinking more tea, we’re happy. If that tea is sustainably produced, we’re doubly happy.

Sustainable Relationships

This honesty shapes everything we do. It shapes the relationships we make, the suppliers that we choose and the retailers that we work with.

We’re not in it to make a quick buck (lord knows any other business would give us a better chance of doing that!) and we’re not interested in working with bullshitters.

We can spot them a mile off and it’s not our bag. You’ll only find our teas in shops & cafes that think the way we do, that want to spread love and a passion for their wares, that appreciate that finer things might cost a little more, but that it’s worth it.

People who believe that life is about experiencing the pleasure of things and sharing joy with the world.

That’s not to say we reckon we’re better than everyone else, just that we want our teas to be represented by people who “get it”, who aren’t just in it for the cash, and who want to work towards creating a better world.

Which we think is a sustainable way to be.

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