Instant Pu’er

Instant Pu’er Aged Tea

Smooth classic Pu’er aged tea in an instant. These pellets dissolve into boiling water so are ideal for tea on the go or when you don’t have a filter with you.

Great entry level aged tea as the flavour is smooth, pleasant & gently woody.

  • 1 pellet makes 1 mug / cup of Pu’er Tea
  • Dissolves in 1-2 minutes
  • No need for tea filters or infuser mugs / teapots
  • Perfect for tea on the go
  • Choose either refill pouch or awesome teeny clip-top jar


Weight: 40 pellets

Type: Instant Aged Tea

Where: Yunnan, China

Liquor: Chestnut

Flavour profile: Classic smooth Pu’er taste. Lightly woody.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Anonymous (Manchester, GB)
Instant puerh awesome

Really nice and easy. I love ripe puerh and love having the leaves and pots but sometimes you just wanna have a quick brew with no hassle. These are perfect. I like a strong brew so im likely to use 2 in a whole mugfull but well worth the price!!

Drop 1 Instant Pu'er pellet into a mug, pot or jug and pour on up to 300ml freshly boiled water.

Leave the pellet to dissolve, stirring occasionally. If you don't stir then a little can get stuck to the side of the receptacle, so make sure you give it a couple of whirls!

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