Kagoshima Superior Sencha Green Tea


Beautiful premium sencha green tea from Kogashima prefecture, Japan.

Sencha translates literally as “steamed tea” due to the method of “fixing” the tea to stop oxidation. This processing often results in a drier mouthfeel and hay-like flavour to the tea.

We’ve taken our time choosing the right sencha as our first as we find many too dry and can be astringent, but we’re super happy to bring you this example.

Offering both sweet and savoury notes, grassy flavours and a fuller mouthfeel than we find in many sencha greens, there’s limited dryness (which we love about it) and low astringency. Very bright in colour and flavour and, well, frankly, delicious!

It’s right up our street and we’re sure you’ll agree.

Weight: 50g

Type: Steamed green tea

Where: Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan


Liquor: Vibrant green / yellow

Aroma: Grass, sweet pea

Mouthfeel: Full with limited dryness

Available on back-order

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Customer Reviews

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David Broomhead (Birmingham, GB)
Fantastic tea and a great price!

Really enjoyed this one.

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