Nilgiri Frost Tea


Frost Tea is an exceptionally rare tea and it’s quite wonderful.

Generally speaking, frost isn’t considered a good thing during a tea harvest, but if the farmers are aware that it is expected they make use of it in a brilliant way, resulting in this exceptional tea.

Frozen leaves and buds are picked early in the morning, whilst still frozen, and the harvest is sent to the factory immediately. The controlled defrosting of the leaves in the withering lofts allows the skilled farmer to create a sublime tea, full of top notes that are often lost.

The result is a stunning bright tea, reminiscent of an outstanding Darjeeling First Flush, with honeyed, grassy and earthy notes.


Type: Black Tea

Where: Coonoor, Nilgri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

Weight: 30g

Elevation: 1850m

Liquor: Light honey

Aroma: Grass, honey

Tasting Notes: Delicate light black tea, reminiscent of a Darjeeling First Flush or even grassy white tea such as Pai Mu Tan

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