Samadoyo Glass & Stainless Steel Gong Fu Teapot


Fuss free loose leaf tea in style.

Super premium quality Gong Fu “Press Art” or “Piao Yi” tea pot. We think this is the best gong fu teapot on the market.

Highest quality borosilicate glass jug with brushed stainless steel moulded handle, feels just class in your hand.

Heavy duty stainless steel ball and filter.

Simply pop your leaves in the basket and pour on hot water. Steep until ready & press the button once to release the liquor into the jug, retaining the leaves in the basket. Pour into your cup & enjoy!

Refill with water for subsequent steepings of the leaves.


  • 700ml jug capacity
  • High quality hand-blown glass jug with glass infuser basket & stainless steel mesh
  • Single press function drains the whole basket without long pressing
  • Click lid and long spout means you can just steep & pour with no spillage


  • Single piece Borosilicate glass jug
  • Borosilicate glass infuser basket with stainless steel mesh, ball and arm
  • Stainless steel handle
  • BPA free food grade plastic lid

We recommend all tea wares be washed in hot soapy water and advise against using a dishwasher.

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Customer Reviews

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B.M. (Balham, GB)
Great for gongfu at work

Now we are back in the office I was looking for a way to brew tea gongfu style at work without looking like a complete bellend by cracking out a gaiwan and cha hai. This type of teapot seemed ideal, but most of the ones on the market have a plastic inner chamber (which combined with being made in China I just don't really trust around boiling water). This was literally the ideal solution to that and seemingly the only one with a glass inner chamber. It works very well, is simple and elegant. Only slight downside is cleaning, as I haven't found a good way to properly clean the inner chamber in particular (given the mesh screen can't be removed) without just sticking it in the dishwasher.

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for the great review. You're a man after our own hearts. Nobody wants to be the tea wanker at work so yes, this teapot rocks it.
We're firm believers that this is the best Piao Yi teapot you'll find in the UK so you chose well! Because of the design of Piao Yi teapots, you'll never find one that you can take apart to clean below the mesh - certainly we haven't come across one - but we just rinse it through with washing up liquid and water. Rinse thoroughly to ensure all washing up liquid is gone and leave to dry.
We wouldn't really recommend putting this in the dishwasher as, although it's borosilicate glass, dishwashers can be bumpy places and we wouldn't want you the find the infuser basket broken one day. It's not as tough as a heavy duty drinking glass, for instance, so we'd recommend just washing it through in the sink. As long as you don't let anyone prep their dirty staining lingering coffee (joke) with your teapot you'll find this is enough to clean it and avoid nasties building up in there.
Thanks again for the ace review. We're glad you're loving it. Let us know if you need any more equally awesome tea to prepare in it 🙂

Gong fu cha is the Chinese way to drink tea, whereby leaves are placed into a small bowl called a gaiwan, covered with water and steeped until ready. They’re then strained into a jug or pot to be shared amongst smaller cups.

The “Piao Yi” teapot was designed to create the Gong fu experience and flavour at work, on the go or when time simply doesn’t allow the full ceremonial equipment.

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