Tea for the People Book



“Tea For The People” is all about having fun with tea and nothing is off limits.

This book is filled with the nation’s favourite beverage… but not as we know it!

Tea in Britain tends towards the usual ‘milk and two sugars’ but have you ever tried a tea-infused cocktail? How about using it to smoke a fish? Or create beautifully scented soaps?

Learn all about the blends, varieties and properties of this amazing plant as well as the limitless range of flavours and fun you can create with the humble leaf with over 75 recipes and ideas for cooks, crafters and tea lovers.

Discover, experiment, enjoy and open your mind to the wonderful world of tea!

In Tea for the People, you’ll find new and exciting ways to use tea at home, from home-cooking to making gifts or dinner parties to wow your friends with.

Whether it’s baked goods, cocktails or even beer, there’s always room to transform them into an interesting (and healthier!) tea-infused creation.

This book isn’t about us. It’s about bringing ideas together from independent companies across the UK, including breweries, restaurants, candle companies and many more, and we’ve compiled a selection of ingenious recipes and projects to try at home that we just know you’re going to fall in love with.

It’s the perfect gift for yourself, a tea lover, or anyone who loves getting stuck into new things.

Expect recipes from our own kitchen, local artisans and chefs that you can enjoy at home: savouries & sweets, cakes & breads, cocktails and even beer! Of course, there’ll also be some of your favourite tea blends, plenty of brewing tips & a surprise or two.

We want tea to be accessible to everyone, so these recipes are too.

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