Meet me at Sunset – a Valentine’s Tea & Prosecco Cocktail.

Valentine’s is upon us and that means, well lots of things. But one of those things is the opportunity to impress.

Whether it’s early days and you’re wooing, or it’s later on and you’re keeping the flames well & truly alive, the sentiment is the same.

And we’re no different here at Batch HQ. We’re just old romantics at heart.

Or if you’re having the girls round for Valentine’s – even better!

And that, tea-friends and tea-lovers, is why we’re giving you this, our Valentine’s gifts from us to you. The perfect cocktail for Valentine’s

Light, fresh, pink… (alcoholic)…

So let’s not mess around like all those cocktail recipe blogs, we won’t make you read pages and pages of bumf and pre-amble about nothing or other. We’ll just give you some recipes up front! Because we’re nice.

You might know that we specialise in tea cocktails, which we lovingly serve through our Tea Bar tea cocktail bar, for events, festivals & parties. This recipe is one of our best-selling and most requested cocktails, so we trust it to you in good faith!

Our Valentine’s Tea Prosecco Cocktail Recipe – Meet me at Sunset.

Worth noting right away that you’ll need to be a bit prepared and prepare the iced tea base a few hours in advance, or overnight even. That takes about 2 minutes though so no fear!Meet me at Sunset tea & Prosecco cocktail at Southwell Music Festival

Our “Meet me at Sunset” cocktail requires the preparation of a beautiful iced tea (also, confusingly called Meet me at Sunset), using Pai Mu Dan as the tea base.

The iced tea base is a tea mocktail recipe that we borrowed from a good friend of ours – The Tearista, Sofie Vercauteren – from her simply stunning book called Homemade Icetea, a collection of 50 delicious iced-tea & tisane mocktail recipes (it’s a wonderful book but currently only available in Dutch! We use it in close conjunction with Google Translate…

This is a beautiful drink on it’s own but we found a way to elevate it with prosecco, elderflower and cointreau.

So, without further ado, “Meet me at Sunset” tea & prosecco cocktail.

Cocktail Ingredients:

For the iced tea base:

This iced tea recipe makes around 4 cocktails with a little to spare, using standard prosecco flutes.

  • 4g pai mu tan leaves (if you’re scaling up, it’s worth using around 12g tea per litre of water)
  • 3-4 strawberries, cut into pieces (it’s best if the strawberries are a few days old and starting to soften, then they get more sweetness out)
  • 1.5-2 star anise
  • 500ml sparkling water

For the tea & Prosecco Cocktail:

For each cocktail you will need:

  • ~75ml Meet me at Sunset Iced Tea base
  • ~75ml Prosecco
  • Splash (~5ml) Cointreau
  • Splash (~5ml) Elderflower Cordial (we use Teisseire but if you can’t get that then Bottlegreen is fine)
  • Strawberry Heart with slit to garnish
  • Raspberry garnish OR cherry garnish – because they look sexy when you eat them off the stalk 😉



To make the iced tea base:

In a Kilner jar, bottle, or any receptacle with a tight fitting (ideally air-tight) lid, pop the tea, strawberries and star anise.

Meet me at Sunset Iced Tea Base

(L) Just after everything is put together. (R) After a few hours infusing.

Gently pour the sparking water on top (or if you want to make the infusion in the sparkling water bottle, just empty a bit out from the full bottle and drop the other stuff into it).

Gently stir the liquid to get the leaves and fruit moving and give the infusing process a little boost. If using a bottle gently & slowly turn the bottle upside down and then the right way again. Gently because you don’t want to ruin all the fizz!

Leave to infuse for minimum 4 hours.

To make the tea & prosecco cocktail:

  • Pour your iced tea base into the prosecco glass – just under half full
  • Pour your prosecco on top so the glass is nearly full
  • Add your splashes of elderflower cordial and cointreau
  • Garnish with your strawberry heart and drop your raspberry / cherry in
  • Say “cheers”, “chin-chin”, “to us” or other appropriate phrase and enjoy.

We hope you enjoy this delicate Valentine’s tea cocktail. If so, let us know in the comments below 👇 and watch this space for more fun with tea coming soon.

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