Tell Your Friends About Us

Earn Tea Points & Pounds whilst being the best friend ever.

We need your help so we’re offering the chance to earn Tea Points & Pounds whilst being the best friend ever, by telling your friends about us.

We believe that our tea is some of the best you will find.

We’d say THE best, but we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, so we’ll cop out and say “some of…”


Thing is, so many people that try our teas say they’re the best they’ve had too.
Like Veronica, who told everyone on her review that our Mao Feng is “the very best green tea she has tried”.

Like Lorah-Kate’s husband Will, who told us that “Batch Breakfast is the best breakfast tea he’s ever had” – a sentiment shared by many others (like Jo, Jeremy & Duncan, to name but 3).

Like lots of folks who try Kama Sutra Sticky Chai. “Wow!” and “OH MY GOD!” tend to be the reactions we get when we make it for people.


But anyway, enough horn blowing.


We want you to tell all your friends about us header image

We said we need your help, and that’s what we’re asking for. And we also said we’ll give you stuff in return, which is correct.

Like Batman (in the original 1989 Tim Burton film*), we want you to tell all your friends about us. If you don’t get the reference then check this out…

And in return we’ll give you AND your friends money off your orders from us. That’s right. You BOTH get money off.

Your friends get 2 bonuses!

  1. They get introduced to our yummy tea and;
  2. They will get a 15% discount on their first order.

YOU get 3 bonuses!
 That’s right, THREE:

  1. You get that fuzzy feeling from being the bestest friend ever. The one who introduced your friend to this wonderful tea company.
  2. For every friend that you introduce to us who places an order you’ll get a coupon for £2 off your next order. So if you introduce 5 friends, you’ve bagged a tenner!
  3. You get to drink great tea at THEIR house as well as YOURS!

Here’s how it works:

  • If you want to take part, email us on [email protected] saying “I want to be a super-referrer person and get free stuff!” (or something along those lines…)
  • We’ll then set you up your own Affiliate Code, which you’ll dish out to your friends when you’re harping on about us. Just think how cool you’ll look!
  • This code will get your friends 15% off their first order**.
  • At the end of each month we’ll tot up the number of friends you’ve introduced and send you a coupon equivalent to £2 per friend**, redeemable against any product on our site! Woo hoo!

Sound good?

Yeah it does.

So what are you waiting for? Go email us, or whatever we just told you to do.
Marc & Owen.




*The best Batman film. End of. Owen thinks this reference is too obscure but Marc, like with many things Owen says, disagrees. If you haven’t seen the 1989 Batman movie, find it & watch it! And when you hear that genius line think of us. Then tell all your friends about us.

**By the way, there are T&Cs, but they’re not to try catch you out or anything, because we’re not knobheads. We need to have them to protect ourselves from folks who might try to scab stuff off us for free. Which is a shame because we’re all about peace & love, not scabbing stuff. So, the T&Cs are as follows:


This offer is at the discretion of Batch Tea Company and may be removed at any time without notice, though we will always try give notice, and hopefully won’t have to remove it.

Affiliate Codes (What you give out to your friends)

Affiliate Codes are redeemable once per new customer introduced and the customer must not have previously purchased from us.

Affiliate code will entitle the bearer to 15% off their 1st order from batchtea.co.uk. The discount is valid against products only, and not shipping / delivery costs.

Customer unique identifiers will be email address and / or delivery address. Please don’t try be clever and use different email addresses for different purchases because, if we think that the same customer is using the code under different details then we won’t count them, we’ll have to revoke your affiliate code and we’ll all fall out. Which we don’t want.

In the unlikely event that you feel like you have introduced more people than we say you have then get in touch and we’ll look into it all and we will always be fair. If there’s an irresolvable dispute then our decision is final.

Your Affiliate Code will only be valid for use by your friends against items purchased on our website (www.batchtea.co.uk) and not from any 3rd party retailer.

Coupons (how you get money off)

Coupons will be provided for the value of £2 incl VAT. Coupons are not redeemable against shipping / delivery fees.

Coupons are only valid against items bought on our website (www.batchtea.co.uk) and not through any 3rd party retailer.

If we decide to / have to end the scheme and you have referrals outstanding, we will email you notice and provide your coupon for any outstanding referrals before closing the scheme.


By taking part you agree to be subscribed to our marketing communications by email.


In the case of any dispute, our word is final and we retain the right to revoke this offer and to declare any accumulated coupon value null & void. So be nice. We will if you are.

Your word

You promise to drink lots of lovely tea and tell all your friends about it!

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