Looking for a warming, soothing, aromatic drink on a cold day?

Course you are.

Look no further than the Grey Wizard, courtesy of Sheffield wizard themed café and Batch Tea stockist The Steel Cauldron.

You might have heard of “London Fog” – an Earl Grey Tea Latte with vanilla, thought to originate in Vancouver, Canada. Well, say hello to the Batch Tea version; The Grey Wizard sent it by the team at The Steel Cauldron Wizard Themed Cafe in Sheffield.

We’re so busy coming up with cocktail recipes & baking & wotnot, we never even saw the wood for the trees on this one, so a big thanks to the team at The Steel Cauldron for suggesting it!

How to read tea leaves information at The Steel Cauldron

At The Steel Cauldron you’ll even get information on how to read any tea leaves that make their way into your cup!

What is London Fog?

The original London Fog drink consists of earl grey tea, frothed milk and vanilla syrup and, whilst the basis of the drink is the same as the original, because Batch Earl has that little extra citrus touch to your regular earl grey tea, the resulting brew is a little more beautiful.

Warming, frothy and sweet with vanilla, the citrus notes burst through for a deliciously satisfying drink.


To make your Grey Wizard simply prepare ¾ cup of Batch Earl using 1.5 teaspoons loose Batch Earl, add 15ml vanilla syrup (or less if you’ve less of a sweet tooth) and top with frothed milk.



What’s more, did you know you don’t even need a fancy machine to make great frothed milk?  No, I bet you didn’t! All you need is a cafetière / French Press for making outstandingly frothy milk to top your Grey Wizards or your Sticky Chai Lattes with! Here’s how…


Frothing Milk in a Cafetière

  1. Heat your milk in a pan or in the microwave until steaming, but not bubbling up
  2. Pour hot milk into your cafetière
  3. Press the plunger up and down until the milk has doubled in size
  4. That’s it! (but now you have to wash the cafetière!)


Grey Wizard / London Fog Recipe

All you need to make 1 mug of Grey Wizard Batch Earl Latte is:

  • ~4g Batch Earl tea leaves
  • ¾ mug / cup of 100°C water
  • 15ml Vanilla Syrup
  • 100ml hot milk for frothing


Grey Wizard Method:

  1. Steep 4g Batch Earl in ~225ml 100°C water for 3-4 minutes
  2. Whilst the tea is steeping, prepare your frothed milk, either using the milk steamer on an espresso machine, or using a French Press / Cafetière (see above)
  3. Strain the leaves from the tea and add vanilla syrup
  4. Top the Earl Grey infusion with frothed milk.
  5. Sit down, sip and say “Ahhh”.


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