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The Gift of Tea

Tea has long been one of the most popular gifts to give in China. For thousands of years it has been the gift of choice for people in all walks of life, from peasants to emperors, tradesmen to traders and everything in between.

Whether it is sharing tea with guests, for “guanxi” when meeting business acquaintances, for dowry or wedding gifts tea has always been an auspicious gift.

But it’s not just in China.

Tea makes a GREAT gift! It looks great, it tastes great, it says: “I want you to experience this moment of peace & clarity” and with so many supporting gift accessories, it’s a no brainer.

And it makes the perfect gift for tea lovers and novices alike – just consider the ideal type of tea for the recipient and any accessories they might need to accompany the tea.


Gifts for Tea Connoisseurs

2008 Liu Pao Tea in basket

An aged tea like 2008 Liu Pao makes a great gift for tea connoisseurs

What better gift for experienced tea drinkers than enhancing their enjoyment of tea even further?!

For instance, if you know your friend of loved one is a tea fan and experienced drinker, then perhaps a single origin tea or an aged tea at the higher end of the price spectrum makes the ideal gift.

Likewise, a beautiful glass teapot with glass infuser basket and bamboo lid might be just the thing to take their tea experience to the next level. And for the real connoisseur, a stunning Piao Yi / Gong Fu teapot will really set the heart racing.

Not many people in the UK have these currently, but the tide is turning and their popularity is increasing year-on-year – make sure your friend is an early adopter!


Gifts for Loose Tea Novices

For a relative novice, you might think it’s harder, but think of it this way: you’re giving the gift of loving tea!

You know how much your love of tea makes you happy! Well, what a great gift to give. Introduce somebody to the world of real tea, the nuances and variation, the excitement of preparing the perfect brew and taking that first, satisfying sip.

Your novice friends may already enjoy drinking regular tea bag tea but are not yet awake to the wonderful world of loose leaf. So a loose version of an “entry level tea” that they may already have had bagged is ideal – a great breakfast blend, green tea or earl grey.

It’s probably not wise to go in for a 30 year aged Liu Pao tea for your novice friend!


Batch Tea Loose Tea Starter Gift Set

Batch Tea Loose Tea Starter Gift Set – Ideal for anyone taking their first steps into loose leaf tea

Tea Equipment gifts for tea novices

They may not have the equipment – but what do they really need?

A strainer? Although we’re happy as pigs in muck to use a sieve to strain our tea, your friends might be a little put off at that prospect (but if they’re not then we love them already!)

A simple stainless-steel strainer with a drip bowl to reduce mess, that goes in the dishwasher for easy cleaning is ideal. Pair with a lovely modern bone china mug for a great drinking experience.

Funnily enough, we created a gift set that contains these very things and packaged it all up in super funky packaging guaranteed to make the recipient smile!! See our Loose Tea Starter Gift Set!

Alternatively, why not go for a beautiful infuser mug to really get their heart pounding and get them interested from the minute they open it?


We offer a range of pre-packaged tea gift sets containing a variety of teas, or the option to build your own tea gift containing a mix of teas to which you can easily add a bone-china mug, infuser mug or stainless-steel tea strainer.


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