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Use a Cafetière to make café-quality frothed milk at home, without any fancy equipment.

Chai Lattes are awesome. Kama Sutra Sticky Chai Lattes are awesomer.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could make café-quality chai lattes at home without any fancy equipment?

Can you guess where we’re going with this…?

Discovering that you can make perfect frothed milk with a Cafetière literally blew our minds.

It opens doors for incredible chai lattes, London Fogs – even actual lattes & flat whites, if that’s your bag.

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What is a Cafetière?

You may know a Cafetière as a French Press, useful for making tip top coffee of a Sunday morning with ground coffee beans.

Coffee in bed with a cafetiere

It contains a glass jug and a mesh bottomed plunger. You place the ground coffee at the bottom of the jug, pour on your boiling water and steep a few minutes then press the plunger down slowly. This presses the coffee down to the bottom of the jug to stop it infusing further and allows you to pour your coffee into a cup, without fear of coffee granules everywhere.

They’re also really handy for loose leaf tea, working on the same premise – just put your loose tea leaves in the bottom instead of coffee. We just suggest you don’t use the same cafetière that you make coffee in, with coffee being such a strong flavour you might find your tea starts to taste like coffee!

How do you froth milk with a French Press / Cafetière?

It is SO easy to froth milk in a French Press. See the video below…
All you need to to is heat your milk until it’s starting to bubble. You can do this either in a mug in a microwave, or in a pan on stove top.

If you’re using a microwave, a full mug will take around 1m 30s to 2m to get to heat. In a pan, just start to look for the little bubbles to appear at the surface.

Remove the plunger from your cafetière and pour your hot milk into the jug.

Pop the plunger back in and press down slowly. Pump a few times until the milk has roughly doubled in size.

Done! You now have super foamy, long-lasting frothalicious milk for all your latte-ing needs!
Why not watch a handy video…

Is milk frothed in a Cafetière any good?

Damn straight it is. The fine mesh of the plunger creates millions of micro-bubbles that give a great, smooth foam that is just PERFECT for lattes of all types. You won’t believe just how good this froth is.


What teas to use for Tea Latte drinks:

For London Fog use Batch Earl earl grey tea

For Chai Latte use Kama Sutra Sticky Chai