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How to get 80°C water, quickly!

Green tea needs to be prepared at 80°C you say. White tea at 70°C, you say.

Well I haven’t got all day pal. And I haven’t got a kettle that does different temperatures, a thermometer or a load of tea prep gear, so I guess I won’t be drinking your green tea.

Getting your water to 80°C quickly is a piece of p… erm cake and you can do it less than 1 minute!

So there.

To get your water from 100°C to 80°C in under a minute you will need only:

  • your regular kettle
  • the cup or pot you’re going to be infusing your tea in – warmed (Momma always said warm the pot, remember! And Momma, she always right.)
  • one more cup or pot similar in size to the one you’re steeping in
  • About 40 seconds


Can I just turn my kettle off before it gets to 100°C?

Well, you could. But taking the water to 100°C removes some of the minerals in the water and results in a cleaner water that will taste fresher.  If you don’t take it to boiling then you might find your water tastes of chlorine, which isn’t what you want for your luxury green tea!

Essentially you’re removing some of the minerals that cause limescale – better out than in, right!

So by boiling the water and then reducing it to 80°C you will have better tasting water to make your green tea taste better. Also, you’ll then have no idea what temperature it is at all!


How to get your water to 80°C quickly to prepare green tea.

Step 1: Boil your kettle.

Step 2: Pour a little of the water into the cup or pot* you’re steeping your tea in to warm it up. Keep the other one cold.

Step 3: Pour the required amount of boiling water into the cold cup or pot and leave for 20s or so.

Step 4: Wait around 5 seconds & in this time discard the water from the other cup / pot and get ready to steep.

Step 5: After about 5 seconds your water will be roughly 80°C, pour it over your tea leaves into the cup or pot you’re steeping in.

Step 6: Enjoy your delicious, non-bitter green tea with an air of smugness.

Step 7: Share this post!


*If you are making a big pot with, say, 1l of water, then this will take longer to cool in one big pot (we won’t go into the science behind this… Something to do with surface area and equations). So, rather than pour all the water into one big pot, split it between 3 or 4 cold cups to cool the water to 80°C more quickly.


There you have it. Simple. How to get 80°C water without the wait, the fuss or the equipment.


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