Sheffield delivery services, smashing it.

We’ve been blown away by the way independent businesses of Sheffield (and no doubt beyond) have taken this situation by the scruff of its neck and refused to lie down.

The spirit of the people of this city never fails to blow us away.

Many hospitality businesses and small food production business have closed their doors during this crisis, but many have refused to. With many falling outside of any government assistance, the only way to make a living has been to adapt, be the ones taking a war like strategy (unlike our government, regardless of the rhetoric we hear), come together in a wonderful flourish of community, keep calm and bloody well carry on.

Many businesses have turned their cafes into takeaway deliveries, whilst many are offering a full grocery shop of great local produce, including veg boxes, essentials, luxuries and even delivered 3 course meals.

Clubbing together to provide the people of Sheffield with all they need without needing to visit a supermarket and brave the queues and the virus, allowing them to stay home and, guess what, get better produce!

A new horizon for small businesses?

We’re hoping that, with all the pain and suffering, that good will come of this long term, and for many small businesses this “look-local” approach will continue long after the long awaited covid-19 vaccine arrives(!) and this change in attitude away from high volume low quality produce to high quality, locally sourced artisan produce will stick around.

We believe that people’s eyes are being opened to the quality available locally, and that not getting to the local supermarket isn’t the end of the world but actually a blessing. A situation that is allowing our taste buds sensations they haven’t felt in so long, whilst allowing our hearts to re-open to the people, producers and crafters in our communities.

We have learned so much more about the areas we live in through exploring a different route on our daily exercise, and so much more about the local businesses who can serve our needs through sheer necessity of not being able to get to our supermarket, or the absence of delivery slots. Because, guess what, your local business will deliver! Oh yes they will.

And your delivery will mean a hell of a lot more to them.

There are alternatives out there. Not just second-bests, but better, fresher alternatives, made with love, passion, heart, and delivered by someone who really cares. Whose hopes, dreams and lives are wrapped in that parcel alongside your veg, artisan coffee and loose leaf tea.


Our little salute
We salute the folk that have bravely stepped out of their comfort zone and said No. This virus will not lay us low. We will rise and our businesses will rise, so much so even that when this is all over we will have to decide whether we even go back to our old business!

We are lucky enough to have met many such people and have been welcomed on to a few of these services (and would welcome invitation on to more…!)

Speaking to the people fronting these businesses, understanding their story, hearing the humanity of their situation and, moreover, seeing the kindness, love and strength in their eyes and their hearts is awe inspiring to say the least.

So if you’re reading this, support local, find some of the wonderful local collectives and companies we’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with below.

Each offers something different, has different producers on board and is run by absolute superstars, so please pay a visit, and have them pay you a visit to deliver your order!


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