CO2 Decaffeinated Green Tea


CO2 Decaffeinated Green Tea

Light, smooth green tea without caffeine. We’ve tried lots of decaffeinated teas and this is the best by far.

Delicious classic flavour of a light, smooth chun mee style green tea, just without the caffeine.

CO2 decaffeination is the process whereby CO2 is flushed through tea to remove the caffeine, rather than soaking the tea in chemical solvents ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. Naturally, CO2 is a healthier choice and more sustainable too. That’s why we will only sell CO2 decaffeinated teas!

This is a light black tea blend, perfect for bedtime or any time of they day for people choosing not to drink caffeinated products.

Pack size: 30g


See also our lovely CO2 decaffeinated breakfast blend.

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Steep around 3-4g tea leaves at 90°C for around 3-4 mins.

These guidelines should be used as a starting point for you to tweak as you prefer. Like it stronger? Add more leaves / leave it longer. Like it less strong? Use fewer leaves.

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