Mao Feng Green Tea


“A stunning quality of leaf leads to a delicate, yet rich infusion with chestnut character, clean on the finish. A beautifully made tea.”

~Great Taste Award Judge, 2021


Mao Feng Artisan Green Tea

Deep in the mountains of remote Northern Guizhou Province is an area where small tea producers enjoy an environment unspoilt by industry. Amongst the steep mountainsides and forest lie tea plantations producing exceptional teas.

We are proud that our Mao Feng tea is amongst those produced here, by our friend Cheng, who ships directly to us from her farm.

Clean and refreshing, brimming with unmissable vegetal & marine notes of spinach and seaweed. You’ll also find hints of jasmine, particularly in a second infusion as the vegetal notes make way a little. The curled dry leaves are small, only young leaves are used in this excellent tea, and are dark green with many downy light jade leaves and buds interspersed.

After brewing, the wet small tender leaves are yellowish green, delicate and light and little holes can be seen in the leaves, from insect bites due to the ecological farming methods. This is often a sign of natural or organic tea production.

With this tea, it’s even difficult to mess it up! That being said, we recommend brewing at 80°c to get the most out of this excellent tea, but slightly higher and for longer brews will bring a stronger, more intense brew, still without bitterness.



We’re proud that our Mao Feng achieved a 2 Star Great Taste Award in the 2021 awards – one of only a handful to do so.



Weight: 50g

Type: Green Tea

Where: Longqiao Village, Northern Guizhou Province

Elevation: 1,200m

Liquor: Light yellow / green

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Add 1 heaped teaspoons per 150ml water (that’s around 2g) and pour on 80°C water (that's about 3-4 minutes off the boil or until you can put a finger on the side of the kettle for about 2 seconds). Discover our Tea Hack for how to get your water to 80°C.

Infuse the tea for around 40 seconds and enjoy. If the flavour isn't quite strong enough for you after a minute, pop the leaves back in til it is to your taste!

Re-infuse 2 - 3 times.

Don’t forget, you can adjust any of the measurements to suit your style!

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